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Branding ourselves

Today we’re about to get a bit personal…

At Vectory, creating brand identities is one of those things that gets us out of bed and into the office every morning. Branding projects are the ones we obsess over/love/work late for/argue about the most. We’re not sugar coating anything – that’s just how things are in our House…

One would say that branding ourselves in this situation would be the easiest thing we had to do. Not really…

Why? Well, you see, our branding process was the same as if we were dealing with a client. We asked the questions, we brainstormed, we came up with some solid concepts, we sunk into it with all our energy.




Even so, we struggled. We struggled because that voice inside our heads telling us ‘that’s not it…you can do better for you’, well, that voice did not go away for a long time. So we got stuck. Quite a lot.

As the weeks passed and the concepts were flowing, patience was scarce and our energy levels were running a bit low.

That was when we knew we had to turn the page in our process and go back to the beginning. To who we were. Because expressing your identity is what makes a strong brand in the long run.




So we put aside all our design fanciness (the kind that screams ‘look at me, I design for a living’) and listed again the things we REALLY wanted to communicate about ourselves and our style:

  1. We’re fighters. We fight with ourselves to find the solution that feels right. We fight for good design.
  2. The project on our desks is THE one for us. Every time.
  3. We became a team because we believe in the creative potential of a team over the one of an individual.
  4. We want to create the memorable.

We let these things sink in and came up with the concept of the fighter. It felt right. Then came the Spartan visual to represent it. The one Spartan then got a Spartan friend J Because in our Vectory House, we’re a team, and our logo needed to capture that.

It may sound like a no brainer, but when you get really involved and personal with a project, it’s difficult to see the obvious that we would have noticed way quicker if the client wasn’t us.




So maybe if you’re about to start a branding creation or revamping process for yourself / your company, learn from our experience and look into the most important thing: the heart of your brand, what really needs to get to people, so they would take you for who you actually are – your vision, your style of doing business, your goals.

And one more thing. Talent and imagination know no limit. We get that. But we all would be better off to take note of something: to stop when there is nothing left to cut out. Because there will always be things you could add in…

Finally…this is Vectory House

Nona Maria Goleanu

Creative partner at Vectory House with experience in business management, branding and graphic design. Usually a very happy person but she gets easily annoyed if someone steals her post-its.

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