Craft Bicycle Bamboo Bikes

Craft Bicycle Bamboo Bikes is a project that spoke to us from the very first time we were introduced to it because of two reasons: it was born out of the pure passion and dedication for biking and nature of two young men, Ion and Sabin, and it resulted into two eco-friendly bamboo bikes with beautiful retro design and top of the line components.

We’ve been waiting for this day for quite a while now, because today we can finally reveal this project – the branding and graphic design we did for Craft Bicycle.

Once we saw the design of the two Craft Bicycle bamboo bikes, we knew we wanted to work on this project. Branding a product we really like is pretty damn exciting in our books…

We first got around to creating the Craft Bicycle logo. The concept chosen is a symbol that had two sources of inspiration: the Craft Bicycle elegant wheel and a bamboo leaf, symbolizing the eco-friendly material from which the bikes are made of.

We combined these two into a symbol that inspires dynamism, energy, motion. The wing-like bamboo leaf we incorporated in this logo symbolizes one of the most important features of a Craft Bicycle: the smoothness of its ride – graceful, different. At Craft Bicycle, each bike is handmade and has its own charm. This is why both the ladies bike model and the gentlemen one got their own name: Urban XX and Urban XY.




Once the branding was completed, we turned our attention to designing presentation materials, t-shirts and something more…









We designed the Craft Bicycle Indiegogo campaign, which launched today!

Through this Indiegogo campaign, the Craft Bicycle team hopes to receive your support and start production of these beautiful bamboo bikes on a large scale.

Support them and they will send you some pretty awesome perks. The best one, we think, is the chance to pre-order with a discount one bamboo bike or the couple edition.

As you can tell, we’re pretty excited about this project and we hope to see really soon a lot of Urban XX and Urban XY bikes cruising around.







Nona Maria Goleanu

Creative partner at Vectory House with experience in business management, branding and graphic design. Usually a very happy person but she gets easily annoyed if someone steals her post-its.

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