D-Strict Logo

One of our newest projects: D-Strict Logo

Our friends from D-Strict, a local street dance crew, with some pretty cool national and international appearances, asked us to help them with their branding.

As a former teenage street dancer (ehem!), I can honestly say that designing a logo for a street dance group was a treat!

A sort of ‘Remember the good old days?’ kind of moment.  Tapping into that experience was both fun and helpful for designing the D-Strict logo. Plus I got to show off a couple of my dance moves during the brainstorming session… Ok, I didn’t, but if I did, that would have been awesome. You just have to trust me on that!

All kidding aside, I hope you enjoy our work. Inspired by the street dance culture…

You can check out D-Strict on their Facebook page.




Nona Maria Goleanu

Creative partner at Vectory House with experience in business management, branding and graphic design. Usually a very happy person but she gets easily annoyed if someone steals her post-its.

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