Wedding invitations design

Here’s a personal little project that we did in-house at Vectory: my wedding invitations design.

As we designed the whole package of wedding stationery, we thought about creating first a wedding symbol that we would use on everything. We created a symbol using our initials, N and C.

^3F24E9E5799E37723C05B55A6FE384E805174D507F505AE637^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrWhen it came to the invitations, we incorporated this symbol on the sleeve of the invitations. We wanted something elegant and simple, with an interesting touch. The black and gold contrast was something that appealed to us. Classic, timeless.

While we designed it, our friends from Fabrica de Felicitari did all the printing and brought the black sleeve we imagined to life. Big thanks to them!







Nona Maria Goleanu

Creative partner at Vectory House with experience in business management, branding and graphic design. Usually a very happy person but she gets easily annoyed if someone steals her post-its.

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