What's on our desk #1 featured

What’s on our desk #1

We are nosy people. Everybody is. So we thought you might like to have a sneak peek in-House at Vectory. We’ll be sharing with you from time to time stuff that we keep on our desks that inspire us, help us or just look damn pretty.

Today, a book: ‘Symbol: The reference guide to abstract and figurative trademarks’, by Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman. We keep this at hand all the time and browse through it when we get stuck in a branding project.




Unlike hundreds of books which are just pretty collections of logos (oh, we love those too!), this one comes with a different approach: it displays a comprehensive amount of symbols (printed in black and white) from around the world, which are organized into sections, according to their visual type.  This way, you can easily analyze the visual meaning of that symbol by exploring a single element: form.




We can’t even tell you how many times browsing through this book got us out of an inspiration rut. It’s because it makes you just think of form. It’s that simple! You get an inspirational starting point from playing with forms and their meanings.

Just give it a go, you’ll see what we’re talking about…

Stay inspired!

Nona Maria Goleanu

Creative partner at Vectory House with experience in business management, branding and graphic design. Usually a very happy person but she gets easily annoyed if someone steals her post-its.

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