Will Artificial Intelligence make designers obsolete?

Will Artificial Intelligence make designers obsolete?  The Internet and Mobile World 2016 Expo-Conference in Bucharest just ended, but it left us with some thoughts we never got to talk about here on the blog: Artificial Intelligence and how this is changing design.

We recently saw how AI is being integrated in the design industry. McCann Japan hired this year the first artificially intelligent creative director, which produced these two commercials.

The Grid  generates AI websites that design themselves. Easy peasy. Need a logo on the go? That’s also just a few clicks away. Curtesy of AI and Tailor Brands. There’s also this video going around.

There’s an ongoing debate about how design is going to change due to AI and what will this mean for designers. We (designers) can get all defensive of the importance of our work or we can just admit that this is a somewhat sensitive issue for our egos and try to think a bit about the future and how we can contribute to a better tomorrow.

Firstly, AI is interesting in the sense that it might help us separate the production work that we do apart from the purely creative side of our jobs (which, let’s face it, we all enjoy the most).

If AI can help us be more efficient in our work and offer us more tools to improve our productivity, well that won’t be bad at all… An automation of the mechanical parts of our job could benefit both us and our clients. We always have to adapt with the technology out there in order to be better designers and that’s ok.

Will we lose our jobs?

Not if we remember what design is all about: work that is creative, conceptual, original, unstructured at times, subjective and insightful. That makes good design and that is why people pay us. And that is what we should continue to do.

As long as we keep true to our purpose as designers, AI will be there to support designers in creating memorable work, not to take over our profession entirely. At the end of the day we believe that people react best to people and their work. It’s THAT human touch that makes design the creative and resourceful industry that it is.

photo credit Jeremy Thomas

Nona Maria Goleanu

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